Autonomous steering of concentric tube robots via nonlinear model predictive control

Deep iterative vessel segmentation in OCT angiography

Deep learning-based segmentation and quantification of retinal capillary non-perfusion on ultra-wide-field retinal fluorescein angiography

Design, modelling, and implementation of a 7-DOF cable-driven haptic device with a configurable cable platform

Learned optical flow for intra-operative tracking of the retinal fundus

Optic nerve sheath fenestration with a multi-arm continuum robot

Stiffness imaging with a continuum appendage: real-time shape and tip force estimation from base load readings

Large-scale, metric structure from motion for unordered light fields

Reduced order vs. discretized lumped system models with absolute and relative states for continuum manipulators

TMTDyn: a matlab package for modeling and control of hybrid rigid-continuum robots based on discretized lumped system and reduced order models